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To anyone in Melbourne, I'll be exhibiting some work at the Artboy Gallery in Prahran.…

Friday at 18:00 - 4 December at 16:00

ArtBoy Gallery
99 Greville St
Prahran, Australia


ArtBoy Gallery invites you to the opening of our latest fan art Exhibition:


From across the universe aliens, droids, dark lords and even time travelling doctors will come in peace and gather at the Neutral Zone known as ArtBoy Gallery in celebration of things Sci-Fi !

Artists from around the country and as far as France and Saudi Arabia have put aside their SW vs Trekker differences and have created outstanding fan art for the common good of the FanBoy Republic.

Artists include: Heesco - Mike Adey - Matthew Dunn - Nicole Tattersall - PAWA - Josh Lord - Ishi - Pierre Lloga - Kareem Rizk - CALM - ADi - Rebecca Murphy - Frederic Truteau (Fr) - Lisa C. (Fr) - Suzanne Ado (S.A) - DEEJ - Frantz Kantor - Joe Villanti - Ben F Guy - Jack Douglas - RJW - Lindsay Walker - Matthew Wood - Serg Sobolev - Jennie Rosenbaum - and so many more....

PLUS we are turning over the next FanBoy vs ArtBoy genre to YOU!

Cast your VOTE on opening night and determine which theme we will kick off 2012 with!!

We look forward to seeing you and having a drink on Friday the 25th from 6pm....and remember....the Forks will be with you..always!
Did I mention Commissions?

Digital Painting with simple BG
$50 U.S.
Extra Characters
+ $15 U.S. per character

Comic Style with simple BG
$30 U.S.
Extra Characters
+ $15 U.S. per character

Cell Style with simple BG
$20 U.S.
Extra Characters
+ $10 U.S. per character


A3 29.7 x 47cm

300 dpi

Payment Type

Digital Painting
Mr. Moonshine Man by puggdogg
Comic Style
The Phantom Flaming by puggdogg
Cell Style
Bleach: Soul Reaper - Mikio by puggdogg

:bulletblue: Styles may be slightly flexible. They don't need to be exactly like the samples shown.
:bulletblue: Send me a note with details of your request. I'll illustrate just about any topic.
:bulletblue: Payments must be made before I begin work.
View the  Wrath Of The Lich King Trailer at this link…
An ebay seller (phoenix.lindgren) is offering a huge collection of G1 Transformers toys in mint condition for $1,000,000. What would you pay? The story that goes along with it whether it's true or not is obviously there for peoples sympathy and a desperate attempt to trick everyone into considering it. Personally I think it's not worth it but that's just me. I wouldn't be complaining if I had the collection though. But I doubt if Australian customs would allow me to keep megatron since he turns into a so called "realistic" looking hand gun. And plus I don't have a million bucks.

Here's the…
Late last night I was playing Kingdom Hearts II when out of no where came this shouting from outside the front yard. My partner began panicking. To calm her down I went out into the dark to see what it was. Nobody was there. I walked further from the house nearing the fence. I tried to peer into the shadows from under the big tree growing on our nature strip. From within came this angry moaning. A shadow grew from the ground and slowy came at me. When the figure came near I could now see it was a confused and angry drunk. He had dark skin and was probably in his later 30's. I could see he was bigger than me. But I had the upper hand because I don't drink. And I can move fast when I need to.

I asked him where he came from and where he was going. Drunken slurs and the occassional curse word was all I could understand. Something about being alone and some grudge about someone was also muttered. I asked again where he's going. The words 'Which way's Bendigo?' dribbled from his mouth. I pointed in the direction of Bendigo and said 'Over where all them lights are'. Spinning his whole body in that direction he attempted to take a look. Whether he knew what I was actually saying is impossible to know.

After a few minutes we had gone full circle repeating our questions to one another. 'Can I have a cigarette for the road?'. He managed to say that clearly enough. 'We don't smoke' my partner and myself replied. He got a bit annoyed by that. 'What do you do then?' he asked. 'Nothing' was all I said back. My partner started talking to him. Out of desperation to get rid of him she told him the house across the road had cigarettes for him. 'Those are my friends...Did you ever think of that?' he obviously lied. I felt that was a stupid thing to do because this guy could have done anything. I told her off a bit later about that. He eventually went on his way where we proceeded back into the house.

We watched out the window to make sure he kept on going. He stopped at the house across the road. Walking back and forth knocking on their door and windows became futile for him as nobody answered. He got pissed and looked back at our house. He kept staring back for a while but eventually staggered up the road in the direction of Bendigo. Then he was gone. A sigh of relief.

I had barley enough time to sit back down when he had returned. But this time he passed our house and onto the next where there lived an old lady in her 90's. I told my partner to call the police. I almost didn't because I have no tolerance for their service. But that's another story. To my amazment we had no need to call them as they were already there. We went back out the front and watched. Over the police radio we heard something about the guy coming from the hospital which is located at the end of our street. In no time another cop car arrived and then another. I don't know why they needed so many. Maybe becuase they found he was an Aborigini. They dragged him to the car and as quickly as they arrived they were gone.

That was the highlight of last night.